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Somu Mohapatra

Creative Director and Business Head

Somu oversees all business aspects of Cosmo-Giantwheel including new titles and project developments.


While identifying and developing new titles and projects, it is his Creative Direction which translates the company’s creative abilities towards its overall goals.


Bibek Basu

Creative Director and Studio Head

His discerning eye, energy and constant creative direction is what drives the company towards continuously  delivering superior look-and-feel shows to satisfied clients be they third parties or for our own productions.


With a background in miniature model making to interior design, his knowledge of various fields makes us what we are. His experience with feature-film visual effects as well as full CGI animation productions positions us perfectly  in creating visually stunning imagery.


Shikha Basu

Animation Director & Production Head

An accomplished animator herself, she has worked in 2D as well 3D animation as an animator and makes up the other third of our founding creative team. As Production Head she is a task-master who ensures that projects and their problems are addressed and schedules maintained.


A completely hands-on person, she universally commands love and respect from all who work on the floor as well as from client-side directors and creative staff.


Sandeep Kohli

Director Finance

With over 30 years of experience in financial management and control of start-up and established, listed firms, Sandeep is the CFO of the company.


He has had wide experience with M&A,  telecom, satcom, film production businesses as well as with portfolio and fund management.  He also has substantial experience in financial reporting for Nasdaq and Indian publicly listed companies as well.

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